Fast pace and change of lifestyle directly proportions change in eating habits. Gourmet stands by to cater to these changing needs from its extended range of items ready to be served. We have established restaurants in the heart of the city’s busiest centers that maintain repute of highest quality and prompt services at very economical rates.

Currently we are planning to cater to the growing demand of the public for Gourmet Restaurants in Lahore. Inshallah we will soon open more branches and bring our line of restaurants to a parallel standard with our bakery chain.

By the grace of Allah Almighty, Gourmet will try its level best to cater foremost to the public through its restaurants in Punjab initially and then the rest of Pakistan.

Inshallah we see ourselves growing as an entity over the years without changing our values. Regardless of the situation, we intend to keep our motto of ‘quality & affordability’ intact; because only by doing so will we be able to maintain goodwill and loyalty of our valued customers.