A Word from our CEO

For us Gourmet is not just a family business, it is a family legacy of public interest that we value, safeguard and promote wholeheartedly.

Since the time of its origin 25 years ago, Gourmet has believed in providing high quality, hygienic food at affordable prices to people of all social and economical classes without any discrimination. Keeping this as the foundation of our business has helped us make home in consumers’ hearts and minds alike. Today it gives me immense pleasure to see consumers buy Gourmet products not just for their taste or quality but for the trust and credibility that comes with them.

Gourmet is in a constant process of expansion, growth and development because every time we come across a product consumers need but cannot afford… we feel bound to provide him a solution; an accessible and affordable one. And thus the journey continues.

I wish and sincerely pray that we stick to our priceless principles and continue to serve people with the same level of passion, precision and perfection that is a trademark of Gourmet.